15 Book Suggestions for Spring Break

Who is ready for Spring Break?  I know I am !  I am excited to load up my Kindle Paperwhite and plow through some new books.  I found 15 books for our Spring Break reading and can’t wait to get started on a few of them.  I am not sure which one to read first…I am thinking which ever loads first will be the one. If you have any books you recently read and loved please share below, I love hearing from you.  I have also put Apple Tree Yard on my list which came via a regular reader to the blog and who has similar interests to me.  Can’t wait to check back and see what we couldn’t put down!  Happy Reading!

Ridgely Brode is gearing up for Spring Break with 15 book suggestions for your Kindle on her blog Ridgely's Radar.

row 1: It Ends with Us  /  Missing, Presumed  /  Forever is the Worst Long Time

row 2: Cancel the Wedding  /  The Impossible Fortress  /  My Not So Perfect Life

row 3: A Piece of the World  /  All the Breaking Waves  /  The Assistants

row 4: How to Murder Your Life  /  Everything You Want Me To Be  /  Swimming Lessons

row 5: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane  /  Lilac Girls  /  The Futures

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  1. The Futures is excellent. I really enjoyed it. My Not So Perfect Life is a fun, light read. I’ll look into the others, thank you for the suggestions!

  2. A Piece of the World is excellent!!

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