Getting Organized: Cleaning Out My Desk

There is nothing better than getting organized, purging the clutter and bringing in new things that make sense for your life and closet. I am going to be sharing what I do to stay on top of my mess; some are once a year, others are every season or quarter and many are once a month or even once a day (!) depending on the task at hand.  For me, Week One is all about my desk and computer  Being organized and starting out the New Year with a new calendar, updated files and a cleaned out Inbox is the best feeling.  It is a fresh start and I work better when I have everything stored in its proper place.  I don’t know about you, but December is a crazy month for me, so when I leave the office and our home for our vacation after Christmas, I have let all my good habits fall to the wayside and every where I look there is piles of junk;  my drawers, my desktop, and my files (in and out off my computer). Ugh!  And lets not get to my bathroom, closet, bureau, pretty much everywhere… it is overwhelming and makes me crazy! Once I have Christmas put away (yes, I edit before I put it away!) , I start to breathe a little easier and then I take one task a week to get myself reined in.

This weekend will be my time to clean out my desk, computer and phone.  I put together my 6 Tips to a Clean and Organized Desk and you can get it by subscribing HERE or below in the POP UP BOX on the RIGHT.  That way you can print it out and go at your own pace.  It is a lot to do and, depending on your space, it can be best to take it in small time increments that work for your schedule.

My current desk is in the kitchen and I really need to remove myself from the action to be more productive.  I am going to set up a new space and try to make it my own.  I would like to get a few supplies to be my reward for tackling a big clean out..,I am looking at these hand bookends, these letter opener and magnifying glass, I have been wanting this acrylic tape dispenser and stapler, and think this Buckle Magazine Caddy is so chic and there are so many more goodies pictured below!  Happy Organizing!

Ridgely Brode is getting organized, starting with her desk, computer and phone and shares her tips to get it done on her blog Ridgely's Radar

to buy: 1. Kate Spade New York Mega Agenda  /  2. Skeleton Clips  /  3. Acrylic Business Card Holder  /  4. Sugar Paper Brass Ruler  /  5. Wood Name Plate (I’m Hustlin)  /  6. Cell Phone Stand  /  7. Sugar Paper Desk Calendar  /  8. Gold Plated Scissors  /  9. Wooden Round Desk Clock  /  10. Kate Spade New York Acrylic Paperweight  /  11.  Cupcakes and Cashmere Stacked Ball Table Lamp  /  12. U Brands Stacking Letter Trays  /  13. L’Object Chevron Box  /   14. Pining for Pineapple Limited Edition Art


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Creating a Gallery Wall is Very Easy to do with Minted

I have still been toying with the idea of creating a gallery wall around the TV in our office and have been looking for art that will mix and match with the few things we currently have.  I really like the Limited Edition Art Prints at Minted.  They have so many options to chose from; drawings, photography, typography, mixed media and paintings that are available  in a range of sizes with many framing options.  It can be a bit overwhelming and if you need help, they offer have a Personal Art Styling service that looks like it would be really helpful. I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites below and could have included a million more options. I have to think about the colors and mood I want to convey and then select prints that reflect that theme.  I can see this being a fun project to take on this Winter.

Blogger Ridgely Brode from Ridgely's Radar selects prins from Minted for a Gallery Wall

to buy: Cannon Beach No. 2  /Model9  /Linear Cityscape  /Afloat  /Letterpress Proof  /  & i love to read  /Yellow Horses


How Badly do You Want to Redecorate?

We have lived in our house for almost 20 years (!!) and we have not done much redecorating since we moved in.  It took time to get to every room decorated, but eventually we did and now I am itching to make some changes. I want to live in the rooms featured on Serena and Lily, they are just the way I want to live. I love all the neutrals mixed with blue and white, the patterns, the rattan furniture…pretty much everything. Scroll down and see all my favorites and Enjoy 20% Off Serena and Lily’s Friends and Family Sale w/ Code GETCREATIVE Valid 10/15-10/24.. YAY!!!
How Badly Do You Want To Redecorate? | Ridgely's Radar
I can’t get enough of all the blues!  Mixed with the rattan and white.. it makes my heart sing!!


How Badly Do You Want To Redecorate? | Ridgely's Radar

to buy: 1. “Blue Break” by Karen Smidth  / 2. Silk Dot Lumbar Pillow  /  3. Leighton Throw Pillow  /4. Rutherford Bamboo Lanterns Wilton Trays  /  5. Lacquer Rattan Trays  /  6. Madison Table Lamp  /  7. Pierson Wide Dresser  / 8. Larchmont Dining Chairs  /  9. Wilton Baskets

Enjoy 20% Off Serena and Lily’s Friends and Family Sale w/ Code GETCREATIVE Valid 10/15-10/24

Decorating with Faux Foliage

I like to get a jump on my Fall table decorations and order faux foliage from around the web to have on hand when I start creating tablescapes for dinner parties and the holidays.  I always do a pass through Pottery Barn to see what plants and branches they have each season.  I have had great luck finding really authentic looking specimens, like these magnolia branches a few seasons ago, that I can incorporate with or with out fresh cuttings from my yard or the flower market.  I buy enough that I can cut them up and use pieces to stick in arrangements or to incorporate into a garland for my table or mantle. This season I am definitely getting these feathers, a bunch of the golden magnolia stems, the olive branches and maybe the ivory hops branch. Be sure to buy what you like sooner than later as I have found they quickly disappear..

Decorating with Faux Foliage | Ridgely's Radar

to buy: Pottery Barn Faux Foliage


It is Time for New Sheets

Our bedroom is blue and white and we have all white bedding with accents of blue.  We rotate our bed linens from week to week and they have really held up, but a few are getting a little worn out and it is time for new sheets. I am saving up for this Varana French Blue Linen Duvet, it is calling my name.  I love anything in seersucker and this white large scale is just perfect for the Summer. As if I didn’t need more ideas, I also want everything I posted about here.  Decisions, decisions.. It is a big investment and they last for a very long time so I want to make sure we love when I get..  What is are your favorite sheets?  I would love to know.

New Sheets from Pine Cone Hill | Ridgely's Radar

Top:Varana French Blue Linen Duvet  Middle: Parker White Duvet Cover   bottom: Trio French Blue

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How to Hide Your TV in Plain Sight

When we moved into our home some 18 years ago (!!) flat screen TV’s were the new hot thing.  We loved how thin they were compared to the big, deep TV’s we grew up with. It changed how we decorated and the size of the furniture we needed to house them.  We still have one of those original flat screens on the wall in our family room and it is not flush to the wall or as thin as the latest models you see now.  Ours is attached to one of those pivoting arms that lets the TV swing out and around depending on where you want to view it.  It is actually very deep and not so pretty from the side.  It is time to upgrade and  I love how you can hide the TV in plain sight by arranging pictures, art and other wall hangings around the TV.  I went to the internet and Pinterest for inspiration and these are some of my favorite gallery walls that “hide” the TV….

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

How to hide your TV in plain sight | Ridgely's Radar

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