What is Your New Years Resolution?

So…what is your New Years Resolution?  I have the same one every year, to get back to working out and slim down. Sad to say that it is a recurring theme and I should have learned by now to get to it.. especially at my age!  This year I am 100% better off than I was last year because I lost 10 pounds leading up to Christmas.  I think, well, to be honest, I know, I have gained several back from enjoying the Holidays and vacation with my family, but I continued to watch what I ate, drank and moved my body as much as possible.  I stayed on my new health lifestyle regime as much as possible and will get back on my second 30 day regime on Monday, January 9th.  I am actually looking forward to it because I like a routine and the first round was so much easier than I could ever imagine and I have never felt better! (Anyone looking to join me, send me a note and we can hold each other accountable and support each other!)

I am now ready to add the exercise component.  I spoke about doing the Sweat App last Summer in this post and am going to start back to Week One on Monday.  I may be taking on too much at once, but I am going to do my best to go a day at a time and not over think it. I can come up with a million and one excuses NOT to exercise, so if I can motivate everyday to do something that will be a huge accomplishment.  I figure a few new pieces of workout gear and clothes wouldn’t hurt to make me feel good and am eyeing these leggings (all black until I meet my goal and can rock a pattern), this tank and this vest for layering.  Feel free to share in the comments below your resolutions and we canhelp each other stay on track!  Good Luck and Here’s to a great 2017!

Making exercise a commitment is Ridgely Brode's New Years Resolution

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The Best way to Motivate for the Gym is New Clothes

I just finished a 30 day program and lost 8 pounds!  I think the best way for me to keep the pounds off is to work out regularly, which means getting some new gym clothes to get me motivated. I am a serial dieter and my weight yo-yo’s back and forth.  I have tried them all, and besides Weight Watchers my next favorite plan was just that, The Plan. I have been doing that on and off (mainly off) for two years.  I had a tiny set back from Thanksgiving weekend and went up a pound and a half. My goal now is to lose a few more of those pesky pounds and then keep them off, giving me a little wiggle room to go up and then down again.  Besides keeping to my new program,  I am going get serious about making my exercise a priority (remember this post on Sweat with Kayla?  I am still trying to do it regularly).  I just have to get through the Holiday season and stay vigilant at the task at hand. I have heard if you do something for 66 days (How did they come up with that number?) it becomes a habit.  Clearly, I haven’t stuck to anything that long to become part of my daily life… until, hopefully, now. I am going to take advantage of Athleta‘s  20% off (through 11/29 at 2:59am) to get a few things to keep me on track…  This could get expensive….

To keep off the weight she lost, Ridgely Brode is looking to keep motivated by buying new gym clothes

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This Winter I am Going to be Warm to the Core!

Once Winter settles in, I am always cold.  Between standing on the train platform on my morning commute to the drafts in our old house, I am always looking for layering pieces that keep me warm and are really comfortable.  I just learned about the Heattech base layers from Uniqlo, they have all the bells and whistles to keep you warm, dry, and odor free plus they are supposed to be super soft. I am dying to try their long sleeve crew tops to wear under sweaters, their leggings and tights.

This Winter I am going to be Warm to the Core! | Ridgely's Radar

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Who is with me? I need to get Back in Shape

After a fabulous vacation eating, drinking and touristing, it is time to get back to my workouts. I have been using the Sweat with Kayla App on and off all Summer and am going to start in earnest this week.  It is easy to follow and I really like how it counts down the time and you can swipe to the next exercise.  There are three days of resistance workouts intermixed with HIIT (high intensity interval training) and/or LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) with one day off.  The Kayla Itsines App includes a meal plan and shopping list that I haven’t used but may add that in too.  I have been using the bench on our deck for the step-ups but would like a shorter one for some of the other exercises I have not been able to do without it.  I put my phone next to me while I exercise so I can follow the workouts and swipe to the next one, but it would be great to have the the Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wireless Headphones so I can listen to music at the same time.  I think it might help distract me from how hard the workouts are.  If you are using the App or want to keep each other accountable, leave a comment below.  I would love a workout buddy to help me get back in shape..

It is time for me to get back in shape and I am stocking up on things I need to work out at home.

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Have You Seen the Fitbit Blaze?

The other night I ran into a friend of ours walking her dog and she was wearing what I thought was the Apple Watch but it turned out to be the Fitbit Blaze.  It looked great on her arm and I realized belatedly that I should have asked her for her review (Susan, if you are reading this, please leave a comment with your thoughts!)  I am currently on my second Flex and I love all the information it gives me. What I don’t like is that it starts to unclip after too many wears (that is actually how I lost the first one) and I don’t like taking the tracker in and out of the wristband to charge it.  The Blaze seems to function as a watch and a fitness tracker with a whole list of additional features. I need to investigate this further and see if all the bells and whistles are what I am looking for.  Do you have a Fitbit Blaze?  If so, I would love to hear from you.

Fitbit Blaze Watch

Fitbit Blaze Watch

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3 Sports Bras I want to Try

I am in the market for a new sports bra, I am looking for a high impact bra that is easy to get on and off.  Its a tall order considering the point of the equipment is to keep everything in place, which means it will be tight.  I tried on a few styles last weekend and had a panic attack in the dressing room when I couldn’t get them off!  I ended up leaving empty handed and decided it would be better to order a bunch on-line to try on at home.  That way my Husband can pull me out of it if I get stuck!  I want to try these three sports bras and maybe a few more..  Can you help? What is your favorite sports bra?

3 Sports Bras I want to Try | Ridgely's Radar

top: Shock Absorber  /   middles: Ivy Park Sports Bra  / bottom: Moving Comfort