Gadget: Bottle Coupler

Have you ever had a little lotion left over in the bottom of the bottle but can’t use the pump to get it? This is a regular problem I have when I get to the end of my Curel Lotion.  I end up pounding the bottle, sans pump, against my palm to get the last bit of lotion out of the bottle.  This was until I discovered the best gadget…the bottle coupler.  It is a tube that screws onto two bottles that you want to combine.  There are three (3) sized couplers included: small to small bottle, medium to medium bottle and a small to medium combination.  For $3.99 this is a must have for every household.  I use mine all the time, it is amazing how many other bottles of products I like to combine.

Bottle Coupler | The Container Store

Personal Beauty Note: I have been using Curel Lotion for as long as I can remember and it is the only body lotion I use. I apply it all over my body after every shower and can’t live without it.


My Summer Beauty Bag

I am on the go most weekends in the Summer and I like to have my makeup packed and ready to throw in my travel bag.  I buy duplicates of my go-to products and put them in a case with two clear zipper pockets because I keep my makeup brushes separate from the liquid foundation and lip glosses and I like to see what I am looking for.  I love products as much as the next gal, but have learned over the years to stick with a simple routine and less products.  Here is everything I have in my beauty bag, including my favorite case:

My Summer Beauty Bag | Ridgely's Radar

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

I have been lusting after Jennifer Fisher Jewelry charm necklaces for a very long time.  They seem to keep popping into my line of vision and I have many pages torn out of magazines of her pieces in my “wish list” folder.  I love the edgy style, cool charm options, and different metals to chose from.  I would love to build my own necklace and I know right off the bat I would chose: the bee, Ohm, evil eye, wishbone, large wing, eternity large circle, talon moon and I would want the Gothic letters, horoscopes, and special numbers. Then there are the personalized hearts, tags and discs….Uh Oh, this is sounding expensive and possibly too many charms for one necklace!  I could not stop at one image because, there are so many great ideas for mixing, matching, clustering and including different sizes, colors, shapes and texture (diamonds!) that have so much meaning. Pick the chain style and length that works best for you.  I am thinking (more like dreaming..) bigger links and a longer length for me…

Jennifer Fisher Necklaces
Jennifer Fisher Necklaces

Jennifer Fisher NecklacesJennifer Fisher Charms

Now do you understand why I am in love with these Jennifer Fisher necklaces?  I did not even tell you about her bracelets, rings and earrings, that is a whole other post!  Check them out, there are so many beautiful pieces in her collection.  For now, I think I will have to start small and go charm-by-charm…

to buy: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Rash Guards with Zippers

As much as I love the sun, I hide under a big hat and umbrella at the beach.  The one place I can not hide is in the water, so I throw on a rash guard to splash around with my kids or swim laps.  I have a fun Surf Style rash guard but I have been seeing a lot of great looking styles with zippers.  What a great idea!  A zipper would make getting into and out of the tightest piece of clothing much easier… especially when wet!  I am definitely upgrading to a new look and I can not decide which one to buy, let me know what you like:

Rash Guards Zippers


Is that my glass?

To my family’s horror…I like wine charms.  There is nothing wrong with wine charms in my book.  The way my house entertains, no one leaves my kitchen during cocktails.  We have an island in the middle of our kitchen that everyone stands around before and then after dinner. The ladies, most of them, drink wine and place their wine glass down on the island.  Before you know it there are 8 or more wine glasses side by side on the island!  No one knows which glass is theirs and if you are like me, you do not have cabinets full of extra glasses nor do you want to spend all night washing them…this is where wine charms come in handy!

I have done lots of first hand research on this subject and have come to the conclusion that the glass, beaded, metal charms, while pretty and I have many sets, are not practical for the drinkers in my group.  For one, every time you get to the end of your drink and tip your glass all the way back, the charm hits the glass and makes a clinking noise.  Secondly, the charms that have themes i.e. dogs, flowers, wine accessories, sports teams, holiday images, monopoly pieces, etc are really fun to hand out to your guests, but I can tell you by the end of the night no one remembers if they are a poodle or a hat much less can they see the little charm on their glass.  This totally negates the use of the charm in the first place.  With those issues in mind I have taken it upon myself to find noiseless, easy to remember wine charms…

Posy Wine Charms

I would hate to leave out the beer drinkers (can and/or bottles) so I thought I would include markers for them as well.
If you are not interested in wine charms maybe DIY chalkboard glasses would be for you…personalize them with a note or just the person’s name.

So now instead of asking “Is that my glass?” you can ask “What color am I?”  Here’s to a wonderful long weekend – Happy Labor Day! Cheers!

Kitchen Essentials

I love cooking, baking, eating and drinking.. so I thought I would tell you about some of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  Have you ever tried to get a teaspoon of capers out of that skinny jar and the measuring spoon just wouldn’t fit?  You end up spilling the capers all over your counter, right?!? Then you need these Narrow Measuring Spoons.  Salad Hands make tossing a salad a cinch. Lisa Duffy – yes, my fabulous cooking friend who you met in her Umbrellas and Teddy Bears post – gave these to me and I thank her every time I make a salad.  This Wine Plunger is the best invention. If you are like me, your husband only drinks beer, and you only have a glass or maybe two (ok, maybe three) at a sitting – then this gadget is for you.  Just put that grey rubber stopper into your unfinished bottle of wine and suck out the air with the plunger. I am a huge believer that it keeps my pinot grigio last longer. At $15 for the set – try it and see what you think.

 Kitchen Essentials | Ridgely's Radar