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Jojoba and Avocado Oil Cleanser by Indie Lee

  • Author: Indie Lee
  • Category: Beauty


Dry oils (like jojoba and avocado) cleanse the skin just as easily as their conventional counterparts, with all of the same antibacterial properties that get the job done. Plus, they’re better at removing oil-based products like sunscreen. Like attracts like, so the oil cleanser will attract (and extract) the sunscreen particles from your pores.


  • ½ oz organic jojoba oil
  • ½ oz organic avocado oil
  • ⅔ oz organic safflower oil
  • ⅓ oz organic castor oil
  • 3 drops of of vitamin e
  • 23 drops essential oil (Feel free to modify the recipe to adjust to your needs by adding essential oils like tea tree, lavender, rosemary, clary sage, chamomile and borage – see Indie’s list of good ingredients for more information)


  1. Directions: Combine all ingredients in a 2 oz container and shake well.
  2. Application: Squeeze a pea sized amount onto hand or cleansing brush; massage into damp face to remove makeup and cleanse skin.
  3. Storage: Up to three months in a closed container.

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