When I started this blog in May 2011, I was so consumed with how it “looked” and what I was going to post,  I did not focus on the fact that you might be interested in who I am.  Amazingly enough, the “page hits” show me that a lot of you click to see more “About Me.”  I made this short video so that you could meet me..



Who is Ridgely?  I am all of these… daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend  and worker bee.  I grew up in New York City and, for as long as I can remember,  I wanted to be a fashion designer.  Well, if not be a designer,  I wanted to work in fashion.  Several of my summers were devoted to either art and/or fashion:  I went to Rhode Island School of Design,  studied at Parson’s in Paris, and interned for Bill Blass.  After graduating from Tulane University, I worked in the advertising department of Calvin Klein , went on to the fashion department of Harper’s Bazaar and started, Croft Public Relations,  with a great friend.  We then joined Paul Wilmot and founded Paul Wilmot Communications, where I am still working today!   I have followed my dreams, worked very hard to make them a reality and have had so many amazing adventures along the way. I love my day job and am excited every day to be a part of building amazing brands.  Today a critical part of building brands is through Social Media.  I joined FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest, started following blogs, and realized that I wanted to be a blogger!  I enjoy sharing ideas, great finds, books, recipes and anything that speaks to me!  I totally jumped in with both feet and have not looked back once.  I am hooked!

When I am not commuting, working or blogging, I am at home in Connecticut with my husband, two sons, two dogs and a cat… all boys and me!

Thank you for visiting and please follow along!