What is Your New Years Resolution?

So…what is your New Years Resolution?  I have the same one every year, to get back to working out and slim down. Sad to say that it is a recurring theme and I should have learned by now to get to it.. especially at my age!  This year I am 100% better off than I was last year because I lost 10 pounds leading up to Christmas.  I think, well, to be honest, I know, I have gained several back from enjoying the Holidays and vacation with my family, but I continued to watch what I ate, drank and moved my body as much as possible.  I stayed on my new health lifestyle regime as much as possible and will get back on my second 30 day regime on Monday, January 9th.  I am actually looking forward to it because I like a routine and the first round was so much easier than I could ever imagine and I have never felt better! (Anyone looking to join me, send me a note and we can hold each other accountable and support each other!)

I am now ready to add the exercise component.  I spoke about doing the Sweat App last Summer in this post and am going to start back to Week One on Monday.  I may be taking on too much at once, but I am going to do my best to go a day at a time and not over think it. I can come up with a million and one excuses NOT to exercise, so if I can motivate everyday to do something that will be a huge accomplishment.  I figure a few new pieces of workout gear and clothes wouldn’t hurt to make me feel good and am eyeing these leggings (all black until I meet my goal and can rock a pattern), this tank and this vest for layering.  Feel free to share in the comments below your resolutions and we canhelp each other stay on track!  Good Luck and Here’s to a great 2017!

Making exercise a commitment is Ridgely Brode's New Years Resolution

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Physique 57

Now that I have clued you in on 15Love Apparel and some important Exercise Accessories, I need to tell you what I am doing to get in shape:

If you haven’t seen Kelly Ripa, or know who Kelly Ripa is, then this may not mean anything to you.  For those in the know, Kelly Ripa has a rockin’ body!  A few years ago Kate, one of my best friends, read in several magazines (check out InStyle) that one of Kelly Ripa’s exercise programs was Physique 57.

Kate, after trying several classes, dragged me to Physique 57.  I refused to do a class with Kate, who might I add is in the same rockin’ body league as Kelly Ripa, because I needed to go at my own pace…beginner!

Physique 57 has five studio locations – three in New York City (one is opening on the Upper West Side in August!), one in the Hamptons and one in Los Angeles.  It is hard, very hard.. but the instructors are so energetic and enthusiastic it makes the time fly and the pain bearable!  You leave there exhilarated, happy to be done but still wanting to go back!  In their own words:

Lucky for all of us, Physique 57 has produced two complete sets of workout DVDs so that if you do not live near one of their studio locations you can still do the workout and benefit from their program.  Having done both the classes and DVDs, I can tell you that the instruction on the DVDs is just as fun and motivational as the real life class.  They are fun to do, well, if you consider exercise fun…

I may live in Connecticut, but my office is right between two of the  New York City locations (each accessible by a 10 minute subway ride) and I own both volumes of the DVDs, plus the workout ball.  I really have no excuse but to look like Kelly Ripa in a few months time.  Please don’t hold me to it…